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We take pride in the products we choose to sell in our stores.  We care about you and your pet and strive to provide high quality pet nutrition at competitive prices.  Our knowledgeable staff have been trained in our products so that we can help find what is best for your companion pet.

We believe our high quality pet foods will lead your pet to a long happy life.  We recommend proper nutrition with wholesome ingredients that will allow you to feed less and add benefits like less shedding, less stool, healthier skin and coat, and fight against allergies and disease.

Our staff will ask questions and get to know both you and your pet before suggesting the right product.  It is important for us to know the age of your pet, your pets activity level, breed, and if your pet has any issues that your looking to solve.  We are trained to help you read the ingredients on your pet food.  We can help you decide which diet is best for you, raw, freeze dried, grain free kibble, kibble with grain, wet food or the combination of a few of them.  Let us, Your Local Pet Professionals explain the difference and benefits in each.