The Santa Photo Experience

Meet Santa at the North Pole sponsored by Dover-Phila Federal Credit Union! Tell him what's on your list this year and pick up a goodie bag to take home! Visits are free. Photo packages are available for purchase.

Santa set hours differ from mall opening hours. Be sure to check the list below to find out when you can visit Santa. 

Santa Set Hours*


17: (5pm-8pm)

18: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

19:(1pm-2pm), (3pm-6pm)

20: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

21: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

22: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

23: Closed for Thanksgiving

24: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

25: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

26: (1pm-2pm), (3pm-6pm)

27: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

28: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

29: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

30: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)


1: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

2: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

3: (1pm-2pm), (3pm-6pm)

4: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

5: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

6: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

7: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

8: (11am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

9: (10am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

10:(12pm-2pm), (3pm-7pm)

11: (10am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

12: (10am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

13: (10am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

14: (10am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

15: (10am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

16: (10am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

17: (12pm-2pm), (3pm-7pm)

18: (10am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

19: (10am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

20: (10am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-8pm)

21: (9am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-9pm)

22: (9am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-9pm)

23: (9am-1pm), (2pm-5pm), (6pm-9pm)

24: (9am-6pm) *Break time to be confirmed*

*Santa and his team try their best to stick to this schedule, but some times things can change. If you arrive to the set and Santa isn't there, check the clock in front of the set to see what time he'll be back.